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I am all into hair products and I love trying out new ones.
Therefore, I was very happy to receive a sample kit from Argan Dew the other day. They sent me the Replenishing Hair Mask and Miraculous Oil.
Argan Dew claims to use pure, natural Moroccan Argan oil as a primary ingredient in their products.

Argan oil is a real magic bullet due to its high dosage of vitamin E, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. It is especially known for its anti-inflammatory effect. Further, since Argan oil is produced by handcraft it is much more expensive and exquisite than other oils.

I tried the products for a week so far. Bellow you’ll find my pro and contra list for the Replenishing Hair Mask and Miraculous Oil from Argan Dew:


• What I noticed first about Argan Dew was the polished and elegant look of their logo. I love it! I believe it is the same with food. You eat with your eyes (first) and the logo indeed is an eye-catcher

• As a curly head, I have an ongoing battle with frizzy hair. And you know what? The Argan Oil is the perfect solution for it. It also gives your hair a nice, healthy shine

• What I also liked very much about the Argan Dew is that they do not test their products on animals. Yay for a good conscience and a good night sleep

• Another asset of Argan Dew is their excellent customer service. I wrote them more than once and they responded right away and were very eager to give me the information I asked them for. I refer to food once again, then I believe it is the same with restaurants. If the food is good, but the customer service is bad, I cannot enjoy my food properly and I will certainly not eat there again. But I am delighted if both product and customer service are up to a good standard

• Further, I just loved the smell and I couldn’t get enough of it nor did my fiancé. (Note: The usage of Argan Dew may also cause random strangers to sniff your hair, which may be a little bit creepy)

• Further, I read that due to its anti-inflammatory effect Argan oil can help to get in control of psoriasis or acne prone skin. If also your scalp is affected by such a skin condition, you might give the Argan hair products a try


• The hair mask was too moistening for my hair. I felt like it was weighing my hair down. But I believe that if you have highly damaged hair, if you for example bleached your hair a lot, the mask could just be perfect for you and really help your hair to recover

In short: Argan Dew keeps all of their promises.
They definitely stand for high quality hair care products and they got me hooked pretty badly on that Miraculous hair oil…

You can order products of Argan Dew at

The Argan Dew Miraculous oil costs $ 39.00 and the Replenishing Mask $ 44.00.
Besides those two products they also sell shampoo, a serum, a conditioner and a restorative hair treatment.

I am looking forward to hear about your experiences about Argan Dew and wish you all a lovely day.

Yours sincerely,

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    What conditioner do you use?

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