Customly painted slip on sneakers “The Royal Kicks” by Annmarie Ware

Do you remember how I wrote about slip-on-sneakers as this season’s homecoming of a classic trend? Young artist Annmarie Ware from Gainesville Florida does take the slip-on-sneaker to a whole new level. She customly paints them in virtually any design you could wish for. The following are only some examples of what she is capable of:


Besides creating stunning footwear Annmarie likes giving back to her community and wants to encourage art at schools. Thus, if you buy a pair of her Royal Kicks, you support her local art program. Even more extraordinary: If you already bought some slip-on-sneakers but you got bored with their look over time, you can send them to Annmarie and she will give them a new design (as long as it is canvas).

You can find more information about Annmarie Ware’s Royal Kicks at A redesigned pair of shoes costs 25 USD.

What do you think about Annmarie Ware’s Royal Kicks? Are they hot – or rather not?

I am looking forward to hear your opinion.

Yours sincerely,

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