Quit Smoking (or never ever begin smoking in the first place)

Smoking, respectively the toxic chemicals in cigarettes cause premature aging (and cancer of course!). – You most certainly heard about this before. But did you know that smokers look on average 1.4 years older than their non-smoking counterparts? Besides nicotine constrict blood vessels and decreases the flow of oxygen to the skin which makes your skin look greyish and very unhealthy.
If you are not convinced just yet, look at the following pictures that were taken of two identical twins. One of them was a smoker and the other not. The pictures are impressing, aren’t they?

Get your 8 hours of sleep – daily

I know it can be hard to get enough sleep let alone 8 hours. But not only does a good night’s sleep give you the necessary energy you need in order to cope with your stressful everyday, it will also leave you with a brighter and healthier skin. When you are sleeping the skin eliminates toxins, produces healthy cells and repairs free-radical damage.
Note: If you still have dark circles under your eyes although you have a sleeping habit like sleeping beauty, apply hemorrhoid topical cream on the affected region. (And be careful that you do not smear it into your eyes.) It’s a trick many celebrities take use of.

Exercise on a regular base

You do not need to run a marathon or climb the Mount Everest. It is already enough, if you start walking fast or driving the bicycle to work. Exercising does stimulate your lymphatic system which helps you get rid of all the waste products. You may have noticed that your skin looks brighter and healthier after doing some sporty activity.

Drink enough water, avoid coffee

By “enough” I don’t mean you should drink an entire gallon within an hour. That is to say you can also drink too much water, which leads to a water intoxication, also known as water poisoning or dilution due to an imbalance in electrolytes in your body.
The FDA recommends eight to twelve cups of water. But the amount certainly also depends on the size of the person and other factors like hours spent per day doing sports, exposure to the sun etc.
Besides you should avoid coffee. It’s highly dehydrating. Instead drink Matcha (or Maccha) tea used in Japanese tea ceremony. It contains a lot of caffeine as well and will help you to get a boost. (“Sugoi”!) Green and white tea contain caffeine as well, but in lower doses than the Matcha tea.

Avoid the sun and don’t sunbath

Which interest weighs higher? Do you want a temporary tan or less wrinkles when getting older? Besides excessing sunbathing can leave you with skin cancer… Those of you, who read my post about Vitiligo know that I am all about sun protection and that I even apply sunscreen during the winter.
Asian women completely abhor the sun. For them white, porcelain skin is the epitome of beauty. Thus, it does also not astonish that Asian women and men look much younger than their non-Asian counterparts.

If you have further ideas and knowledge about how to prevent aging skin feel free to share it in the comment section.

How about your habits to prevent aging skin? Leave your comment on the button of the page!

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Kelly M. is a long-haired “bon vivant”. Her mother named her after the famous Kelly bag from Hermès. Kelly likes to spend her sunny days in her garden near the pool. She certainly enjoys the bright side of life, most of all eating and all other activities that are beneficial for her body and soul. As Oscar Wilde said: “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity, having a purpose in life is not.”


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    You forgot the tanning both. I know a woman that used to get a fake tan every week and now she looks like 50 although she’s only 30…

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    Eating acai berries and juice is another thing you can do to avoid wrinkles ;-) Xo, Sophy

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