How a classy closet should look like

A clean, well-organized and classy closet is a must-have for every classy woman and man. The following criteria might help you to organize your clothes well.

1) Get rid of things you don’t wear anymore

Your closet should not contain things you don’t wear or haven’t worn in a long time. If you have not worn it for a while now, there is a good chance you will not wear it ever again or that it just does not look good on you (and you therefore rarely wear it).

You should also give any clothes that do not fit anymore due to your desired weightloss to the Red Cross. If you do not, you might be tempted to fall back into your old eating habits thinking: „Well, no problem: If I gain weight, I still have those super cute D&G jeans in my closet.“ – And we do not want that, do we?

2) Clear box it

You gained weight instead of losing some? Take some clear boxes, put the clothes you cannot wear at the moment inside and stow the box in a storage facility (like your attic, basement etc.). Keep one super tight jeans and try it on every morning. Hang it somewhere you can see it.

3) Organize by color and by garment

If you organize your clothes by color and garment (dresses, pants, tops separately), it will be saving you a lot of time searching for something particular and the overall appearance of your closet will be improved.

4) Do not leave things out that you decided not to wear

Breaking the rules of a well-organized closet will soon lead to a totally unorganized closet. No, you will most probably not pick it up later.

5) Get a clothes basket

Leaving dirty clothes everywhere is gross. Be prepared for a visit of your friends, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend and mother. You are a grown up and not some rebellious teenager.

6) Get inspired  

“I like that money right where I can see it … hanging in my closet.” – Sarah Jessica Parker

I hope that I could give you some ideas about how to create a classy closet.

Yours sincerely,

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Kelly M. is a long-haired “bon vivant”. Her mother named her after the famous Kelly bag from Hermès. Kelly likes to spend her sunny days in her garden near the pool. She certainly enjoys the bright side of life, most of all eating and all other activities that are beneficial for her body and soul. As Oscar Wilde said: “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity, having a purpose in life is not.”

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