How celebrities wear their ponchos

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It’s definitely poncho weather outside, or what do you think? – Autumn reached its peak. The nights are cold (got to put some fluffy socks on) and there’s always a chilly breeze that makes me want to jump up and down like a hyperactive monkey in order to get warmer. Just kidding (not about the fluffy socks though)… but the poncho can really be of use these days, right?

It must be obvious to those of you, who have seen my latest outfit post that I believe ponchos to be the ultimate trend of this falls fashion season. (See this outfit)

So let’s see how celebrities are wearing their ponchos.

Last December Selena Gomez was spotted wearing this caramel-coloured and black leather boots. Her ethno-style necklace is a great accessory (But a smile would have been the better one.) Very stylish Pocahontas Selena! Forever 21 sold the No-Fuss Poncho last year for only $ 27.80.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears her colorblock Burberry poncho together with grey jeans and a stripped shirt. Isn’t the monogram very, very stylish? It’s from Burberry’s Fall 2014 Collection.

The next look shows Magic Johnson’s son EJ Johnson. He was seen wearing a fur-collared poncho, Chanel pendant, Christian Louboutin flats and the all-famous Hermès Kelly bag of course.

How celebrities wear their ponchos

And here comes my favorite celebrity poncho look: Kate Hudson wore a black and white Louis Vuitton poncho at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of “The Killer Inside Me” in 2010 showing some bear legs. Doesn’t the outfit look very classy?

Katherine Heigl wears her asymmetrical grey wool poncho together with a white shirt, black pants and black leather overkneeboots. Her oversized sunglasses finish up her confident and clean look. And her daughter is so very cute, isn’t she?

This past September Rita Ora was seen wearing a rather classical poncho featuring a mix of hues including brown, green and purple. I actually don’t know what to think about this look. Sure, the poncho looks very comfy, the jeans and round Ray Ban sunglasses are cool, but didn’t she mismatch a little bit with the black cap? Further, her tiny figure looks swamped by the amount of fabric. What do you think?

How celebrities wear their ponchos

Which one is your favorite celebrity poncho look?
Have a wonderful day everyone and wrap yourself up in your comfy poncho.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Jessica Parker: Styleguide
Kate Hudson: Glamour
Katherine Heigl: Gala
Rita Ora: Celebmafia
Selena Gomez: FAME
EJ Johnson: Celebmafia

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