How to become a hippie

  1.   Feel groovy and listen to music from that particular area like Jimi Hendrix and his rendition of Star Spangled Banner, Fish Cheer from Country Joe and the Fish, Bob Dylan and She Loves You (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) from the Beatles. Feel free to add some recent music to your playlist. As long as it fits the ethos of peace, happiness, love and understanding you’ll be fine. The ultimate hippie experience could be to dance in the rain, preferably naked together with your friends or complete strangers.
  2. Follow the hippie ideals. Protect mother earth and spread love peace and happiness. Volunteer work and do good. Do your part to make the world a better place.
  3. Learn the hippie vocabulary. It’s necessary that you dig (understand) the hippie vocabulary otherwise communicating with other hippies will be very difficult. Call your wife or girlfriend baby, babe, chick and old lady and your cat a hip hippie. Shake your Freak flag (hair) and keep on grooving. Far out!
  4. Let the hair grow. Make sure you avoid the hair salon and cut your freak flag by yourself, if you must at all. You may also give free rain to the hair under your armpits. Make sure you stay clean, but use natural soaps and deodorants and products that contain lots of herbs.
  5. Buy organic food or grow your own crop. You may also meet some hippie friends at your local organic store.  
  6. Dress like a hippie. Buy fair trade clothing that is recyclable and do style like a hippie. You don’t feel like dressing at all? Be naked then. You don’t feel like wearing shoes? Go barefoot. The following Collage may give you some more ideas about the look you are going for:
Flower Child

Rosemunde top

Stance crew socks

Brown bag

Word wall art

Feel free to contribute any thoughts and additional tips and tricks about how to become a hippie in the comment section.
So, it was great rapping with you, but I gotta split now!
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Kelly M. is a long-haired “bon vivant”. Her mother named her after the famous Kelly bag from Hermès. Kelly likes to spend her sunny days in her garden near the pool. She certainly enjoys the bright side of life, most of all eating and all other activities that are beneficial for her body and soul. As Oscar Wilde said: “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity, having a purpose in life is not.”

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    I wish I was born in the sixties… Love the flower child jeans by the way.

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