Outfit: Vera Bradley, Stuart Weitzmann, Rosemunde, Avant-Première

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Hello lovelies

Those who check my blog regularly know that I believe that every woman should own one – a black dress. Seriously, a black dress makes it so easy to get dressed in the morning. And be assured, the little black dress suits every occasion. Well, maybe not every occasion. You might want to wear a bathing suit when going for a swim or some jogging pants when you are going for a jog.
In order to not look totally overdressed during the day, you can combine some casual accessories with the dress. I went for a colorful, romantic cardigan from Rosemunde and a bag from Vera Bradley such as moccasins from Steward Weitzmann. I tried to bring some color into the outfit, but to not overdo it. Thus, I chose similar colors from a turquoise to a light blue. To top it off I chose to wear some sunglasses in Ray-Bans’ classic model Wayfarer. The pattern of the sunglasses is similar to the pattern of the Vera Bradley tote.
Speaking of the bag – I think it’s super cute and a comfortable bag to carry around. There is enough space in this bag that you can take your make up bag, phone, water bottle, Mac Book air and maybe even a little baby elephant with you. Just kidding… the baby elephant might not fit. But there really is a lot of space in that bag. Besides, it has a zipper, which is very convenient, if you consider that pick pockets nowadays are just everywhere you go.

What do you combine with your little black dress?
I am looking forward to hear your suggestions.

Yours sincerely,

Dress: Avant-Première

Bag: Vera Bradley

Shoes: Stuart Weitzmann

Cardigan: Rosemunde

Shades: no name shades from my last trip to Rome

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Kelly M. is a long-haired “bon vivant”. Her mother named her after the famous Kelly bag from Hermès. Kelly likes to spend her sunny days in her garden near the pool. She certainly enjoys the bright side of life, most of all eating and all other activities that are beneficial for her body and soul. As Oscar Wilde said: “Looking good and dressing well is a necessity, having a purpose in life is not.”

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    The cardigan is very cute and your hair is looking great as always.

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