Tips to make the under eye puffiness and dark circles disappear

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My tips on how to make the under eye puffiness and dark circles disappear.

1. Get your beauty sleep and rest

Sleep and relaxing will help you to remove the sources of stress and anxiety. Giving you an overall fresher and youthful look. But yes – I know, it’s tough to find sleep and relax, if you’re having a busy schedule. But at least try it.

2. Stop smoking

Smoking causes vascular problems making your blood vessel appear more prominent and darker.

3. Use cucumber slices on your eyes

They are known to reduce the under eye puffiness.

4. Put black tea bags on your eyes

Black tea not only helps to reduce puffiness, it also is a natural disinfectant. As a student I worked as an assistant for an ophthalmologist and in addition to medicine we always recommended to use black tea bags, if the patients eyes were inflamed. Besides, you can read in many forums that chamomile tea also helps against under eye puffiness. But I would not recommend using chamomile on your eyes, since it has a drying out effect.

5. Use a frozen spoon

Put a spoon for about 10 minutes into your freezer. Then put it over the circles. Bye, bye under eye puffiness!

If you have further ideas and knowledge about how to prevent aging skin feel free to share it in the comment section.

6. Apply hemorrhoid cream on your dark circles

I tried it and it really made the under eye puffiness disappear. But I do believe that if the cream gets into your eyes it can be dangerous and eye irritation can occur. Hence I would not recommend using it on the especially delicate skin under your eyes. There is a reason why they don’t sell it as an eye cream (= common sense).

7. Drinking more water and cutting down on salt

A diet rich on salt and not drinking enough water can also be a cause of dark circles.

8. Use a good concealer

Sun exposure, pigmentation irregularities, thinning from age and heredity can also be cause of dark circles. In this case, a really good concealer can be the solution.

Do you have any other tips on how to reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles? – I look forward to hear your tips and tricks.

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  • Reply May 2, 2016

    Renewing Serum

    There’s a lot of way to remove dark circles in your eyes. Taking enough sleep will help you to minimize those dark circles. Cucumber has been proven also to lessen the dark circles in your eyes, helping you freshen up your face. If it doesn’t work for you then a good concealer will do.

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