Uuni portable pizza oven – A test report

Even if you are not Italian, you surely do love a self-made pizza that comes right out of the pizza oven, don’t you?

Did you ever wonder why the pizza at your local Italian restaurant does taste that much better than the pizza you made at home from scratch, although you did follow the traditional recipe correctly?

Unfortunately home ovens do not have the capacity to generate the necessary heat that is essential for a more than just good tasting pizza. That is why.

To generate the much needed heat you could either buy a hot pizza stone, build your own stone-pizza oven in your garden or you could try the portable pizza oven from uuni. The latter claims to reach temperatures from 600-800 degrees.

This post aims at giving you an idea whether the pizza oven from uuni is hot or not. (And this in more than one way.)



The oven is really reaching high temperatures and the pizza simply tastes delicious and nearly as good as the pizza’s you get in Napoli. (Napoli is known to have the best pizzerias in whole Italy.)

The only drawback is, that you constantly have to add pellets to the oven, so that the oven keeps its temperature. But since I am certain, that you already have a butler and if you do not, you at least have a hot pool guy, that can bring some heat to the oven, this should not be a concern.


If you are living in a flat and you intend to fire up the oven on your balcony, be sure to be on good terms with your neighbors. Smokey eyes are hot, smoking your neighbor not.

The uuni pizza oven costs about 325 $ and you can buy the uuni online at www.uuni.net.

What do you think about the pizza oven from uuni?

Is it hot – or rather not?

I am looking forward to hear your opinion.

Yours sincerely,

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